What to do after this rain event?

I received the same questions from several growers, so, here’s my two cents. It seems that the current rain events will end by Sunday, or at least we have a… Read more

At bloom disease management tips

Recent cooler weather seems to have slowed down vine development, but it looks like vines in the south are about to bloom. Bloom is a start of the critical time… Read more

Observations from the field

Some shoots of our vines are about to reach the second catch wire, but I saw many that were still about 10-12 inches too. It looks like series of rain… Read more

Quick reminder about black rot

I noticed that some of our ‘Cheloir’ vines are in trace bloom and also it has quite a bit of black rot. As I suspected, the cold rains we received… Read more

You start to see black rot now, so, what should you do?

I have received several emails about black rot recently.  With the frequency of rains we observed so far, it is not surprising to see small amount of black rot even… Read more

Diseass risks from May 6-9th

Well, it looks like finally we have some break from rains. In Winchester area, rain started around 9AM on the 6th, and although there were a few interruptions, relative humidity… Read more

Early Season Black Rot (revised)

I received three emails from different vineyards (Southern, Northern, and Central VA) with black rot pictures.  Yes, it is a little early for us to talk about black rot, but… Read more

Disease risks from yesterday’s rain

After a short dry period, we received rains from around 8:15 PM last night (18 May), and although the rain stopped within a few hours, the relative humidity was high… Read more

Happy 4th!

The thunderstorm on 7/01/09 lasted a little over an hour (0.73 inches); however, RH remained high for about 9 hours with an average temperature of 65F. Thus the event was… Read more

So far so good.

We had a short thunderstorm event on Friday (26th), but it lasted about 3.5 hours with an average temperature of 73F and a total precipitation of 0.33 inches. It was… Read more
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