Late-season disease management tips

Recent rains and more rains in the forecast made me think of downy mildew. Let’s take a look at what the NEWA DMCast model says about downy mildew risks from… Read more

List of short PHI fungicides for late-season diseases and today’s presentation slides

Thank you again for participating in our meeting. Please find two materials from today’s meeting. 1)┬áList of short PHI fungicides for late-season diseases (will open a pdf file) 2)┬áToday’s presentation… Read more

At bloom disease management tips

Recent cooler weather seems to have slowed down vine development, but it looks like vines in the south are about to bloom. Bloom is a start of the critical time… Read more

In preparation for Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta seems to impact our regions, starting Saturday (10/10), and rain may last until Tuesday (10/13) or so. Depends on your location and cultivar selection, you may have some… Read more

Prepare for a potential rain event for this weekend.

Looks like a tropical storm Marco is moving westward, but Laura may hit our areas during this weekend. The current forecast shows (opens a new window with a link to… Read more

Downy, Botrytis, sulfur burn, and open house

With recent rain events and warm and humid nights, the risk of downy mildew and Botrytis are probably high in many areas of Virginia. For example, I counted seven days… Read more

Presentation slides and a list of short PHI materials.

Thanks for attending today’s online Extension meeting.Please find the materials I discussed today below. 1) Presentation slides (will open a new window with a pdf file).2) List of short PHI… Read more

Berry touch/bunch closure disease management reminders

Our Chardonnay clusters are getting larger and berries are starting to touch each other. It feels a bit early, but here are grape disease management reminders at berry touch/cluster closure… Read more

At bloom Botrytis and ripe rot management tips

This is the second part of “at bloom” fungal disease management tips. Please refer to yesterday’s post as well. The spray timings for Botrytis is at bloom, bunch closure, and… Read more

Spray before the upcoming storm?

I received several emails and phone calls concerning spray before the upcoming hurricane Florence. Hopefully, we will have a window of opportunity to apply materials. Looks like we have a break… Read more
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