At bloom disease management tips

Recent cooler weather seems to have slowed down vine development, but it looks like vines in the south are about to bloom. Bloom is a start of the critical time… Read more

Presentation slides and a list of short PHI materials.

Thanks for attending today’s online Extension meeting.Please find the materials I discussed today below. 1) Presentation slides (will open a new window with a pdf file).2) List of short PHI… Read more

Disease risk events from last two weeks and quick reminders

Here are snapshots from the NEWA risk models from the past two weeks. Floyd: no black rot or downy mildew infection eventsAfton: black rot and downy mildew infection event on… Read more

A quick reminder about powdery mildew

It depends on where you are, but in northern VA, we are having relatively “dry” weather this summer. We have some rain events here and there, but overall, the air… Read more

Don’t forget about powdery mildew!

Powdery mildew colonies at the center of two leaves in the picture With this wet season, what we think most are downy mildew, black rot, Phomopsis, and Botrytis. Powdery mildew… Read more

Another reminder on seasonal diseases

Photo: we have started to see powdery mildew on clusters. I hope you are not! Looks like series of thunderstorms are hitting various part of the state this week. Just… Read more

More discussion on powdery mildew!

I guess both Anton and I tend to work on Sundays…  He send me two nice pictures of flag shoots. and As you can see leaf surface is covered with… Read more

Flag shoots symptom of powdery mildew

In reply to the previous post about powdery mildew, Anton (Baudoin of VT) made a very good comment about “flag shoots” of powdery mildew.  This is a case of infection… Read more

Late season powdery mildew #2

I have been receiving more than usual number of calls and emails about powdery mildew this year.  It seems that consensus is that it started to show up on clusters… Read more

Late season downy, Botrytis, and powdery options

I have received several emails and phone calls regards to downy mildew and Botrytis last week.  Also, some people are struggling with powdery mildew.  Here are general options against these… Read more
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