Fungicide application template, a table of fungicide resistance, and upcoming meetings

I have updated my fungicide application template that I have been using for my fungicide guides. If you are interested in it, download it from this link. This will open a… Read more

Rains and fungicide sprays

It looks like we will see a series of rain events in the next few days. As noted in the previous virtual viticulture meetings, we had several black rot and… Read more

Change in Presidio label: grape is no longer listed.

The label of Presidio has been changed, and unfortunately, the grape was removed from the list of hosts. This means that we no longer able to purchase Presidio to control… Read more

From bud break to pre-bloom disease considerations

Our reds broke buds, and whites have about 1-inch shoot growth on it today, and more rains in the weather forecast. It is time to think about Phomopsis! What happen… Read more

Updated VA specific label for Topsin-M

In my pruning time disease considerations (this link opens Google Drive with this year’s recommendation for trunk disease management), I refer to Topsin-M as a choice of trunk disease management, especially… Read more

List of low PHI materials for Botrytis, powdery mildew, and downy mildew

Well, I was hoping that the rest of the season would be nice and sunny, but I was little naive. Looks like some portion of VA may be affected by… Read more

Seasonal updates and notes

1) What to do this and next weekIt looks like we have a window today for application, and after the rains over the weekend, next week looks good too. Right… Read more

Bloom time disease management considerations

Due to many rain events and relatively cold weather, it looks like we are somewhat back in truck in terms of the growth stages. When shoots are about 10-12 inches… Read more

Handouts from recent IPM workshops

Thanks again for those of you who were able to attend IPM workshops.  I hope you enjoyed the meetings, and if you have any suggestions or comments, please do not… Read more

Very late season spray options

With this week’s precipitations that we (including many meteorologists) did not anticipated last week, some of you have contacted me to seek options for the late season application, especially for… Read more
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