Fungicide application template, a table of fungicide resistance, and upcoming meetings

I have updated my fungicide application template that I have been using for my fungicide guides. If you are interested in it, download it from this link. This will open a new Google Doc page, which says it is “View Only”; however, you can download the file. Select “File” from the top menu of Google Drive, and you will see the “Download As” submenu which has several options for the file type.

Many thanks to Mr. Bob Romsey who shared the original template with me!

Please note that this is just a template. Your program will differ based on what you see in your vineyard(s). Please use it with VCE’s Pest Management guide or Southeastern IPM guide (linked under “Resouces”). Speaking of the Southeastern IPM guide, I created modified tables that consist of a list of commonly used fungicides in the vineyard with their FRAC codes and fungicide resistance risks, and a template for the spray program. I hope these materials will help you organize your spray schedule.

Although these are useful, please check our new pesticide management tool,, which will not only help you plan spray schedules but also, allows you to share your plan with your co-workers and print out postings for the WPS standard. It has helped me quite a bit of time and effort to organize my sprays for sure!

We are also planning to have several meetings in March and April. All will be online events.

March 16th: Grape IPM workshop 
March 31st: Grape disease management workshop (in English)
April 1st: Grape disease management workshop (in Spanish)
April 9th: (online pesticide management tool) workshop

In the grape disease management workshops on 3/31 and 4/1 and workshop on 4/9, I will provide you a series of online lectures that you can watch before the meeting. At the meeting, I will go over the key items, and we will spend most of the time with Q and A and discussions. I will post more information and ask Tremain to distribute information once we have set time and format, so, please stay tuned.

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