Grape Disease Risk Summary 5/26-6/1/2022

As a part of a Wine Board-funded the Sentinel Vineyard project, we obtained NEWA weather stations that have been installed throughout the state. Here’s a snapshot from the last week,… Read more

At bloom disease management tips

Many people in northern VA are about to see blooms in a few weeks, and I am sure the rest of the regions are about to see bloom very soon. … Read more

2019 season has began

It’s approximately 10% bud break on our 10 years old Chardonnay and about 25% on 5 years old Chardonnay. Hopefully, we won’t get frosted!! Read more

Bud break and rain…

Bud break for our younger (2-3 years old) Chardonnay happened around 4/20/2018, and for older Chardonnay, it was the last weekend, (4/27/2018). Looks like we are about 1-2 weeks behind… Read more

Post bloom disease management considerations

As of today, it is about 10% bloom at our Chardonnay plots. Since bud break was about 2 weeks ahead of a typical year, things are moving along as we would… Read more

Bud break (for us)!!

It looks like the 2017 season for us has officially begun. Our 8 years old Chardonnay at Virginia Tech’s Winchester AREC was about 10% bud break as of yesterday. Despite… Read more

Start of the season!

Our 6 years old  Chardonnay had 100% bud break today (4/22/2015)!  Looks our our season has officially started. There has been a few email inquiries came to my inbox about… Read more

Disease risk events from this weekend

A line of rain went through Winchester area resulted in 10 h of wetness with an average of 69F.  It was downy and low Botrytis risk event.  Please refer to… Read more

Seasonal disease management reminders at bloom time

Many people in northern VA are about to see blooms (our Chardonnay vines are trace bloom as of June 2nd, the one on the picture is one of the few… Read more

50% bud-break for our Chardonnay plus Phomopsis risk

Our 5-yr old Chardonnay is about 50% bud break stage as of today. At this time of the year, the number-one concern is Phomopsis cane and leaf spot. They produce… Read more
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