An update on yesterday’s post

Just an update on yesterday’s post: At Winchester, AREC, a total leaf wetness hours was 29 hours, with an average temperature of 67F. Thus, this rain event was warm and… Read more

More on Phomopsis and other disease concerns

Well, it looks like we will see more rains coming in next week or so. Sounds like a typical start of the season for VA vineyards, doesn’t it? Since most… Read more

For this Saturday’s and next week’s rain events

Since we are expecting heavy rain event on Saturday, plus about to be done with the critical time for cluster infection by downy mildew, powdery mildew, and black rot (which… Read more

Warm and wet weekend

Winchester area received a series of rain over the weekend, and it looks like we may see more coming in the next few days.  There were three days of low… Read more

Low Phomopsis risk

Two days of intermittent rain brought a low infection risk event for Phomopsis.  Also, these spring rain events can be precursor events for both downy and powdery mildew.  As noted… Read more

On-going disase risk

As usual, we start our season with rains.  It has been more than 13hr of wetness so far at Winchester with an average temperature of low 50s.  It has accounted… Read more

Disease risk event from this Monday-Tuesday

I had a meeting and did not able to post it in timely manner, but there was a wet event on Monday-Tuesday this week.  It was 14+ hours of wetness… Read more

Disease risk events from this weekend

A line of rain went through Winchester area resulted in 10 h of wetness with an average of 69F.  It was downy and low Botrytis risk event.  Please refer to… Read more

Recent disease events

I was away for several weeks for a series of meetings, and of course things happen when you are not around… 7/28: 9 hours of wetness, around 66F (low Botrytis… Read more

Disease risk events from the weekend

As we expected, Winchester area had a wet weekend.  We had to major rain events, which resulted in 11 hours and 10 hours of wetness, both are in upper 60F… Read more
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