Presentation slides from the VVA and Eastern Viticulture and Enology Forum

It was really nice to see you all at the VVA. Please find my presentation slides from the meeting. The first file is the same as I presented at the… Read more

Grape disease management considerations at the time of pruning.

Many of you probably started your winter pruning. Please find the link below for a handout that I distribute at our pruning workshop. Since this year’s workshop will be held… Read more

Grape Disease Risk Summary 7/27 – 8/3/2022 and seasonal reminders

Here’s a snapshot from the last week, showing the number of days with the risk of each disease: Ph = Phomopsis, PW = Powdery mildew, BR = Black rot, and… Read more

Slides from today’s meeting

Thank you for attending our monthly viticulture meeting! We will host a series of meeting every third Thursday from 1 PM. I will be a quick recap of the season… Read more

Slides from Grape Disease Management Workshops 2022

Thanks for attending our grape disease management workshops. I am posting my presentations. The first one was used in the English version which we covered details of disease management, and… Read more

2022 Fungicide application template

Please find an updated version of the fungicide application template at the end of this post. As usual, I thank Mr. Robert Ramsey who shared his original template. 😉 This… Read more

A quick reminder for late-season disease management materials

In preparation for hurricane Ida, here is some information that you may find useful (This is a repeat of the previous post, but I received some emails asking for them.)… Read more

List of short PHI fungicides for late-season diseases and today’s presentation slides

Thank you again for participating in our meeting. Please find two materials from today’s meeting. 1) List of short PHI fungicides for late-season diseases (will open a pdf file) 2) Today’s presentation… Read more

Slides from today’s presentation, meetings, and newsletters (email subscription)

Presentation slides Thank you to those of you who were able to make it to the meeting today. Here are slides from today’s presentation (open PDF).  Up-coming meetings Eastern Section… Read more

Recent grape disease risk events

It looks like we all received much-needed rains, which is good for vine growth. However, since most of our vines are still within the critical period for cluster infection by… Read more
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