2022 Fungicide application template

Please find an updated version of the fungicide application template at the end of this post. As usual, I thank Mr. Robert Ramsey who shared his original template. 😉

This is a Google Sheets, and you cannot edit directly. Please click on “File” then select “Download As…” and pick the format of your choice. Once you download it, you can use your application (e.g., Excel) to edit. Also, we have a new tool called grapeIPM.org, if you have not tried it, please give it a try. It will help you organize your inventory, share work schedules with your colleagues, print out postings for the WPS requirements, and keep the records for the EPA requirements. If you are new to grapeIPM.org, please join us for a training/workshop for grapeIPM.org on 3/11 and 4/15/2022.

Link to Fungicide Application Template 2022.

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