Early Season Grape Disease Management Reminders

Phomopsis cane and leaf spot One of the diseases you need to consider soon after bud break is Phomopsis cane and leaf spot. It causes minor leaf spots, which are… Read more

Early season (Phomopsis and anthracnose) reminder

It may be a bit too late for some (sorry!), but here’s a reminder for early season grape disease management. Phomopsis symptoms One of the diseases you need to consider… Read more

Dormant application of fungicide(s)

At this time of the season, I am often asked about an application of fungicide(s) to dormant vines. I totally understand that you want to do something before things get… Read more

Early season disease (Phomopsis and Anthracnose) management tips

Our Chardonnay and some of the hybrid vines are in bud swell stage as of this week, and others are tagging along.  It looks like we will see bud break… Read more
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