Spring cold injury and insect damages…

As with many other places in the VA, we were suffering from frost damages.  We experienced several near freezing events this year, and most notably, a few hours of 25F… Read more

Start of the season!

Our 6 years old  Chardonnay had 100% bud break today (4/22/2015)!  Looks our our season has officially started. There has been a few email inquiries came to my inbox about… Read more

Bud swell / bud break…

The two hot days we had pushed things quickly.  Our Chardonnay buds are swelling and some are even broke.  Our Merlot is bit behind, but not by much.  Cab sauvignon… Read more

Make it three days in a row!

Wow, we had another above 90F day here in Winchester. As of noon today, Chardonnay was 100% bud break with about 50% of them had fully expanded lower leaves. Cabernet… Read more

Climbing cutworms damage

We have seen some damage due to climbing cutworms on Chardonnay. Since I’m not an entomologist, I’ll refer to Dr. Pfeiffer’s page for the description of the insect. Virginia Tech’s… Read more
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