Bud swell / bud break…

The two hot days we had pushed things quickly.  Our Chardonnay buds are swelling and some are even broke.  Our Merlot is bit behind, but not by much.  Cab sauvignon seems to be still tight.  Looks like the season will start very soon!  Since we saw a bit of damages, I applied climbing cutworm treatment to the area of vineyard where we historically have issues.

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  1. Buds were starting to swell last tuesday, but the heavy rains last Thursday (4/12) night along with warm temperatures pushed buds in most V. vinifera varieties at Democracy Vineyards (Central Nelson Co.). Viognier and Chambourcin are a bit behind the others. Planning the first spray for tomorrow as soon as the ground dries out for the tractor.

  2. Buds swelling on all red varieties except Cab Sauv. Very young Chambourcin and Petit Verdot has seen Bud Break in the last 3 days. Can you recommend a Chemical for Climbing Cut Worms.
    Down The Road in Waterford.

    Ed Reeve

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