Sentinel Vineyard Newsletter, upcoming Virtual Vineyard Meeting, and SLF survey

Sentinel Vineyard Newsletter Here’s is our newsletter #1 for this year. Virtual Vineyard Meeting Our next Virtual Vineyard Meeting (and will be the last one for the season) will be… Read more

Sentinel Vineyard Report #3

Sentinel Vineyard Project is our effort to gather inputs from experienced growers and use them to provide effective extension education materials. The weekly NEWA update is a part of the… Read more

Looking for WPS training?

If you are looking for someone to train your vineyard workers to be in compliance with the Worker Protection Standard, you may find the information below useful. If you have… Read more

Two upcoming meetings and Sentinel Vineyard Report #2

I think many readers of this blog subscribe to Tony’s viticulture note, but just in case, here is some information that you may be interested in. The second Sentinel Vineyards… Read more

New non-bearing grape guide and a list of fungicides for the home garden grapes.

Please find a link below to download a new disease management guide for non-bearing grapes. As with the other VCE guides, you need to click on the “Preview” icon, which… Read more

An error on yesterday’s slide: Vivando should not be on the downy mildew table!

I mistakingly placed Vivando, which does not work on downy mildew, on the downy mildew table. Please strike it out or use the updated version below. 1) List of short PHI… Read more

VCE Vineyard meetings and update on the commercial grape PMG

Upcoming virtual vineyard meetings The viticulture group at the AHS Jr. AREC will be hosting a series of four monthly, on-line viticulture meetings starting Thursday, 22 April 2021. The content… Read more

Grape Disease Management Workshops and training

If you wish to attend upcoming grape disease workshops and training, please register using this form (CLICK this line) so that I can send you an invitation to the… Read more

2021 Pest Management Guides for grapes (UPDATED 3 Nov. 2021)

Updated: Links below are for the 2021 edition of Pest Management Guides. The first one is for home gardens, and the second is for commercial productions. I asked them to… Read more

Fungicide application template, a table of fungicide resistance, and upcoming meetings

I have updated my fungicide application template that I have been using for my fungicide guides. If you are interested in it, download it from this link. This will open a… Read more
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