Sentinel Vineyard Newsletter, upcoming Virtual Vineyard Meeting, and SLF survey

Sentinel Vineyard Newsletter

Here’s is our newsletter #1 for this year.

Virtual Vineyard Meeting

Our next Virtual Vineyard Meeting (and will be the last one for the season) will be held next Thursday (9/14/2023) from 1 PM. If you have not registered, please visit this post.

Spotted Lanternfly Tracking Survey

The Penn State Extension Grape and Wine Team is calling on those who own, operate, or manage a farm, vineyard, or winery in the Mid-Atlantic region to participate in a survey that aims to track the spread and severity of nymph and adult spotted lanternfly populations during the 2023 season. 

You can learn more about this spotted lanternfly tracking survey and take the survey here.

Results will be automatically displayed on the SLF Map 2023 of the Eastern U.S. You can read more details on the updates here.

Our sincere thanks for your help with tracking the spotted lanternfly!

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