Grape Disease Risks 5/31 – 6/7/2023 and Slides from today’s meeting

Grape disease risks Here’s a snapshot from the last week, showing the number of days with the risk of each disease: Ph = Phomopsis, PW = Powdery mildew, BR =… Read more

Slides from Ohio and Pennsylvania meetings, plus a few announcements.

It was great to see you at the Ohio Grape and Wine and Pennsylvania Wine and Grape Industry Conferences. Here are my slide sets. Ohio: Late season grape rots: identification… Read more

Presentation slides from the VVA and Eastern Viticulture and Enology Forum

It was really nice to see you all at the VVA. Please find my presentation slides from the meeting. The first file is the same as I presented at the… Read more

Slides from Jan 19th NC Vinedresser Meeting

Thanks again for those of you who made it to the meeting. Please find my slides from the meeting below (a pdf file). As noted in the last post, we… Read more

2022 season recap report from the Sentinel Vineyard Project and meeting announcements

As you may know, the Sentinel Vineyard Project is our effort to regularly gather information from a group of growers during the season. The information is then sorted and summarized… Read more

Items from today’s meeting

Thank you for joining our meeting today. Here are some items from today’s meeting. Next meeting: It will be on July 14th from 1 PM. Tremain will send an announcement… Read more

Slides from the 2022 VVA summer meeting

It was very nice to see you at the VVA. Here are my slides from yesterday. As I mentioned yesterday, I am conducting a survey to seek your feedback and… Read more

Slides from NC Winegrower’s Association meeting (29 January 2022)

Sorry for taking a while. Please find the link at the end of this post to download a copy of my presentation from the NC Winegrower’s Association meeting, which was… Read more

My slides from today’s beginner’s workshop

Thanks for participating in the meeting today. We had very good discussions. I wish you all the best! Below are my presentation slides about the basics of wine grape disease… Read more

Two upcoming meetings and Sentinel Vineyard Report #2

I think many readers of this blog subscribe to Tony’s viticulture note, but just in case, here is some information that you may be interested in. The second Sentinel Vineyards… Read more
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