New non-bearing grape guide and a list of fungicides for the home garden grapes.

Please find a link below to download a new disease management guide for non-bearing grapes. As with the other VCE guides, you need to click on the “Preview” icon, which… Read more

Bloom time disease management considerations

Due to many rain events and relatively cold weather, it looks like we are somewhat back in truck in terms of the growth stages. When shoots are about 10-12 inches… Read more

Fungicide Workbook 2013 version

Here comes 2013 version of “Workbook for Developing an Effective Fungicide Spray Program for Wine Grapes in Virginia“.   Although I finished it a few weeks ago, and used in… Read more

REI for Topsin-M

Dr. Baudoin noticed that there is an error in VT’s PMG on the REI for Topsin-M. If you are using Topsin-M, please read the label to confirm the Re-Entry Interval… Read more

VT’s PMG is out!

2010 version of Virginia Tech’s Pest Management Guide (PMG) is uploaded. There are many useful information on disease, insect, and weed management. Please take a look at it for your… Read more
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