In preparation for Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta seems to impact our regions, starting Saturday (10/10), and rain may last until Tuesday (10/13) or so. Depends on your location and cultivar selection, you may have some… Read more

Rain rain rain… What should we do?

As if almost a week of thunderstorms and rains was not enough, it looks like we are expecting even more rain in the coming week. Hopefully, you had a good… Read more

A quick reminder before in-coming rain events

Looks like we will likely to have another round of rain from Hurricane Irma sometimes next week.Just a reminder that we do not have any curative materials for Botrytis and… Read more

Rain rain…

It has been pretty wet week so far. At Winchester, we observed about 11 hours of wetness on the 26th with an average temperature of 64F, 50+ hours (and counting)… Read more

On these unusually slow ripening issues

Maybe I should keep posting that rains are coming… Each time I do, it looks like rains disappear. 😉 If you have not subscribed to the email list of Dr.… Read more

List of low PHI materials for Botrytis, powdery mildew, and downy mildew

Well, I was hoping that the rest of the season would be nice and sunny, but I was little naive. Looks like some portion of VA may be affected by… Read more

Last stretch!!

I heard that some of early cultivars are ready to be picked on 7-10 days.  Looks like no tropical storms to worry, yet… (crossing my fingers!) There have been frequent… Read more

Another extensive rain event recorded

As many other parts of VA, we have been experiencing thunderstorms running through our area in the past week for so. Yesterday, we had about 9 hours of wetness with… Read more

An extensive wetness event recorded (and still going)

A cool and wet Fourth of July weekend resulted in a very long leaf wetness hours. So far, more than 12 hours of wetness has been recorded at Winchester AREC,… Read more

What to do when you receive a lots of rain after fungicide application?

At Winchester area, we ended up having a pretty good weekend. There were several periods with rain, but it was not as extensive as the forecast. We received about an… Read more
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