Another rain events in the forecast…

Our Chardonnay vines are getting close to full bloom, and of course, we are expecting more rain over the weekend. Just an another reminder that from bloom to 4-5 weeks… Read more

Quick reminder about black rot

I noticed that some of our ‘Cheloir’ vines are in trace bloom and also it has quite a bit of black rot. As I suspected, the cold rains we received… Read more

More on Phomopsis and other disease concerns

Well, it looks like we will see more rains coming in next week or so. Sounds like a typical start of the season for VA vineyards, doesn’t it? Since most… Read more

Disease management after frost events…

Several growers contacted me recently to discuss about disease management after recent frost events. Here are my take on it. 1) If you have some damages on your shoots/buds.As usual,… Read more

It’s tempting, but it’s not the time to use pruning shears, yet.

Please see the message below from Dr. Sara Spayd, who is an extension viticulture specialist at NCSU.  The information is probably more applicable to people in the southern VA, but… Read more

Pre-harvest disease management considerations

Now the season is wrapping up, and one of questions I get often is “when to spray what to protect your crop at the last stretch”.   Unfortunately (as with everything… Read more

For this Saturday’s and next week’s rain events

Since we are expecting heavy rain event on Saturday, plus about to be done with the critical time for cluster infection by downy mildew, powdery mildew, and black rot (which… Read more

Warm and wet weekend

Winchester area received a series of rain over the weekend, and it looks like we may see more coming in the next few days.  There were three days of low… Read more

Low Phomopsis risk

Two days of intermittent rain brought a low infection risk event for Phomopsis.  Also, these spring rain events can be precursor events for both downy and powdery mildew.  As noted… Read more

Dews and humidity in the past few days

We have not received precipitation since the 21st, but every night since then has been humid.  Dews that formed 3-4 AM stayed until 9-10 AM in some days.  Once again,… Read more
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