Disease management after bad frost events?

Unfortunately, many of our vines suffered from frost events that happened over the past weekend (and this morning for some of us). I think I lost about 30-40% of Chardonnay… Read more

Disease management after frost events…

Several growers contacted me recently to discuss about disease management after recent frost events. Here are my take on it. 1) If you have some damages on your shoots/buds.As usual,… Read more

Spring cold injury and insect damages…

As with many other places in the VA, we were suffering from frost damages.  We experienced several near freezing events this year, and most notably, a few hours of 25F… Read more

Frost injury (and disease risks from this weekend)

Damages from Monday’s frost event showed up a few days after.  About 5-10% of shoots (or leaves) on our Merlot vines which is located near the bottom of a hill… Read more

Frost event

Looks like some of us got a frost bite here and there.  I hear some people got mid-20’s this morning.  It is probably too early to tell, but most of… Read more

Frost damage from 3/27/12

As of 3/29/12, about 20% of our Chardonnay buds and shoots are showing the injuries from the frost event on 3/27/12.  Damages on Merlot is about 5%.  I hope your… Read more

FYI: frost injury index

This page from Michigan State University Extension describes the temperature threshold to have frost/cold injury on Concord vines.  Hopefully we won’t receive any frost at this point. Also, I updated… Read more

Frost damages and tomorrow’s rain

Some parts of the central and northern VA had a cold morning that may have resulted in frost/freeze injuries on your vines.  You may see younger leaves with damaged tissues… Read more
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