What to do after this rain event?

I received the same questions from several growers, so, here’s my two cents. It seems that the current rain events will end by Sunday, or at least we have a… Read more

Early Season Grape Disease Management Reminders

Phomopsis cane and leaf spot One of the diseases you need to consider soon after bud break is Phomopsis cane and leaf spot. It causes minor leaf spots, which are… Read more

Recent downy mildew risk events.

(Updated 23 Sept 2021 to fix the broken links) It seems that several rain events have happened over the course of the past two weeks or so. Here is a… Read more

A quick reminder for late-season disease management materials

In preparation for hurricane Ida, here is some information that you may find useful (This is a repeat of the previous post, but I received some emails asking for them.)… Read more

Late-season disease management tips

Recent rains and more rains in the forecast made me think of downy mildew. Let’s take a look at what the NEWA DMCast model says about downy mildew risks from… Read more

List of short PHI fungicides for late-season diseases and today’s presentation slides

Thank you again for participating in our meeting. Please find two materials from today’s meeting. 1)┬áList of short PHI fungicides for late-season diseases (will open a pdf file) 2)┬áToday’s presentation… Read more

Recent downy mildew risk events

This is another reminder about downy mildew. This post is probably more applicable to those of us who are in northern VA. We received several rain events in the past… Read more

Another reminder on downy mildew

It looks like many of us received some rain in the past few days, and we may see another rain toward the end of this week. Here are recent downy… Read more

A quick reminder about downy mildew

Just a quick note that recent rain events were risk events for downy mildew based on the NEWA DMCast model. It seems that northern VA received more and longer rain… Read more

At bloom disease management tips

Recent cooler weather seems to have slowed down vine development, but it looks like vines in the south are about to bloom. Bloom is a start of the critical time… Read more
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