A quick reminder for late-season disease management materials

In preparation for hurricane Ida, here is some information that you may find useful (This is a repeat of the previous post, but I received some emails asking for them.)

1) List of short PHI fungicides for late-season diseases (will open a pdf file)

2) Updated presentation from the last virtual field day (will open a pdf file).

Recent downy mildew risks

Many of us have been experiencing more rains lately than the past several months, here are a number of days with downy mildew risk events in the past two weeks based on the NEWA’s DMCast. Many of these rains have been sporadic in terms of area and time it covered, so, use these numbers as a guide.

Bristol: 14 days (latest was on 8/30)

Floyd: 9 days (latest was on 8/29)

Charles City: 14 days (latest was on 8/30)

Tyro: 7 days (latest was on 8/30)

Red Hill: 5 days (latest was on 8/29)

Washington: 8 days (latest was on 8/29)

Winchester: 9 days(latest was on 8/29)

It is probably a good idea to protect your vines against downy mildew in a preparation for Ida, and if you think your previous application was washed off from the rains, add a phos acid to your tank mix for your next spray.

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