At bloom disease management tips

Recent cooler weather seems to have slowed down vine development, but it looks like vines in the south are about to bloom. Bloom is a start of the critical time… Read more

Downy, Botrytis, sulfur burn, and open house

With recent rain events and warm and humid nights, the risk of downy mildew and Botrytis are probably high in many areas of Virginia. For example, I counted seven days… Read more

Presentation slides and a list of short PHI materials.

Thanks for attending today’s online Extension meeting.Please find the materials I discussed today below. 1) Presentation slides (will open a new window with a pdf file).2) List of short PHI… Read more

Recent rain events and downy mildew spray

Central and northern VA received much-needed rains in the past two days. Looks like the chance of thunderstorm is high in today and tomorrow too. Several people asked me whether… Read more

Rains and fungicide sprays

It looks like we will see a series of rain events in the next few days. As noted in the previous virtual viticulture meetings, we had several black rot and… Read more

A list of short PHI materials + reminder on downy mildew

I heard from many that their fruits are ~2 weeks ahead of “average” season, and some early cultivars are already harvested in the southern VA. I should have posted this… Read more

Downy mildew reminder

Of course, once I mentioned the lack of rainfall, we (i.e., northern VA) were hit by a series of rain. To make things more complicated, we had at least three consecutive nights… Read more

Early season fungicide application reminders

It has been another rainy weekend (1.5 inches so far and still counting), and looks like next weekend will be wet again… Hopefully, this year won’t as wet as the… Read more

Disease management after harvest

Many of you are about to be done with harvest and some may still have a few more weeks to finish this rainy season. This is a reminder for disease… Read more

Spray before the upcoming storm?

I received several emails and phone calls concerning spray before the upcoming hurricane Florence. Hopefully, we will have a window of opportunity to apply materials. Looks like we have a break… Read more
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