Late season fungicide options (= materials with short PHI)

At Winchester, the night time relative humidity has been still very high, close to 100%, in nearly every nights in the past three weeks. In addition, we have been observing… Read more

Just another reminder on downy mildew

In the last several days, the nighttime relative humidity has been very high (>90%) and temperature has been in the upper 60s ~ lower 70s. This condition is favoring spore… Read more

Reminder on downy mildew

Just a reminder on downy mildew management: although the month of July was dry until this week, many of us had a very wet early summer that fostered downy mildew… Read more

Rain rain rain… What should we do?

As if almost a week of thunderstorms and rains was not enough, it looks like we are expecting even more rain in the coming week. Hopefully, you had a good… Read more

A quick reminer on downy mildew

At Winchester, we had 8 hours of wetness observed on last Thursday, then there are several short rains/thunderstorms. Moreover, the night time relative humidity has been fairly high (> 95%)… Read more

Late season downy mildew and recent rains

I have heard from several growers that they are seeing downy mildew despite the fact that they have not seen much precipitations.  It could happen because of the humidity, especially… Read more

Updates on the previous post (Downy mildew)

On the previous post, I mentioned that “At this time of the season, what we typically recommend is either mancozeb or captan mixed with sulfur to protect young shoots and… Read more

Phomopsis and Downy mildew observed at Winchester AREC

We had a short shower event last evening; however, it was short and relative humidity did not stay high for a long time.  Thus, it was not a major disease… Read more

Night time dew events

Since 9/2 or so, we are observing dew events that were wet enough to make our leaf wetness sensor wet almost every night.  Since our sensors were located about the… Read more

Disease risks from this weekend

It looks like we are going to have another wet week… The rain on the 29th was a very short one, but it was enough to make leaves wet for… Read more
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