Downy mildew risks

I just want to remind you about the risk of downy mildew remains high this week. Downy mildew prefer to produce spores under dark and humid conditions.  We experienced a… Read more

Home stretch!

I think many of you are either harvesting or getting ready for it.  We harvested our Chardonnay and Merlot yesterday. (Of course most of them are damaged due to our… Read more

Disease risks from this weekend

A rainy weekend brought our area two estimated wetness periods (19h with 73F, and 20h with 64F), plus additional 30h+ hours of high humid condition (RH>90%) (note: some of you… Read more

Downy mildew gallery

Here’s some of downy mildew symptoms (on Vidal). 1) On upper leaf 2) Underside close-up 3) On young berries  4) Up-close and personal You can find more pictures of downy… Read more

Rains and rots

Boy, it has been a rainy month of September!If you are subscribing to Mark Chien’s “Wine Grape Information from Penn State”, you probably seen this, but here’s a link to… Read more

Late season downy, Botrytis, and powdery options

I have received several emails and phone calls regards to downy mildew and Botrytis last week.  Also, some people are struggling with powdery mildew.  Here are general options against these… Read more

Disease risks from yesterday’s rain

At Winchester a series of rain started around 11:40 am and lasted until 6:40 pm resulting in 0.1 inches of precipitation.  The average temperature during this period was about 50.5… Read more

Late season management topics

I’ve been in and out of my office with my leaf roll survey project, and it has been bit difficult to frequently update the blog. Also, at this point, not… Read more

Happy 4th!

The thunderstorm on 7/01/09 lasted a little over an hour (0.73 inches); however, RH remained high for about 9 hours with an average temperature of 65F. Thus the event was… Read more

Downy mildew gallery

At Winchester, we had light rain events during the night of 6/12/09, but it was short events and the relative humidity was low (80% or so), thus it probably did… Read more
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