2024 VCE Virtual Vineyard Meetings, starting April 5th at 1 PM

Dear all,

We will hold monthly virtual vineyard meetings again this year. A team of researchers at Virginia Tech, Dr. Drew Harner, Dr. Mizuho Nita, and Mr. Tremain Hatch, will cover topics in Viticulture and Grape Pathology based on input from the Sentinel Vineyard Core Group members and other growers. We will also discuss weather trends, seasonal vineyard management, and related topics.

Please use the form below to obtain meeting information. The meetings will be held every first Thursday of the month at 1 PM. They last 45-60 minutes. The first one will be next Thursday (4/4) at 1 PM.


Looking forward to seeing you online!

Mizuho, Drew, and Tremain

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