VCE Vineyard meetings and update on the commercial grape PMG

Upcoming virtual vineyard meetings

The viticulture group at the AHS Jr. AREC will be hosting a series of four monthly, on-line viticulture meetings starting Thursday, 22 April 2021. The content of each meeting will vary somewhat and will involve extension specialists who will provide seasonal updates on vineyard management, pest management topics, and emerging weather, pest or disease issues. An initial topic of each of the 4 planned meetings will be a statewide grape development roundup gathered from our “sentinel vineyard” cooperators located around the state. Each meeting will last about 2+ hours, starting at noon.  At this point, the meetings will be on-line, but stay tuned for at least one on-site meeting which we plan to host at the AREC in late-July. 

The meeting dates (noon start) are:

1)     April 22, 2021 12:00 PM (EDT)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

2)     May 20, 2021 (12:00 PM) [Registration information will be issued]

3)     June 24, 2021 (12:00 PM) [Registration information will be issued]

4)     July 22, 2021 (12:00 PM) [Registration information will be issued]

If you are a person with a disability and desire any assistive devices, services or other accommodations to participate in these meetings, please contact Tremain Hatch, AHS Jr. AREC at (540) 232-6032 during business hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to discuss accommodations 3 days prior to the event. 

Updated PMG

I fixed several errors on the 2021 Commercial Grape PMG. The changes are made on the fungicide efficacy table. If you wish to download the newest version, please use the links from this posting.

Community interest:

Revalation Vineyards, located in Madison County, is seeking a highly motivated individual who will work in its expanding vineyards and orchard. The tasks include planting, training, pruning, manual and mechanical weeding, mowing, hilling, up and down, spraying, canopy management, netting, harvesting as well as building trellises. This is a year-round full-time position with immediate starting date. Applicants must have extensive experience driving a tractor, be able to work independently and be detail-oriented. Starting compensation is commensurate with relevant experience. If interested in this opportunity, please send a cover letter and your CV to

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