Grape Disease Management Workshops and training

If you wish to attend upcoming grape disease workshops and training, please register using this form (CLICK this line) so that I can send you an invitation to the lecture materials. 

Grape Disease Workshop (3/31/21): I prepared a series of lectures to cover basic concepts and terminologies, which I often not able to explain due to the time limitation. Also, a short version of my “usual” workshop is now recorded. In my workshops, I assume you know some concepts and terms, so, if you are not familiar with some terms such as disease triangle, curative fungicide, QoI fungicide, FRAC group, fungicide resistance, biological control agent, etc, please check out the lectures. 

Each lecture runs less than 20 min, with an exception of the main workshop content, which runs around 26 min. If you do not have time to watch them all, please watch the main workshop content.

On March 31st at noon, we will use Zoom to communicate. The link to the Zoom session is also listed on the Canvas website. I will go over a brief overview of the season with some examples using the template spray plan, and after that, we will spend most of the time with Q and A and discussions. training (4/9/21: The style is nearly the same. We will meet virtually via Zoom on April 9th at noon. The introduction presentation has been updated, but I am still working on the contents. Once I finish all the videos, I will send you an email, but please go ahead with Canvas sign-in. We will use the same Canvas website for both the Grape Disease Management workshop and training. 

A Spanish-translated version of the grape disease workshop (4/1/21) will be on a separate Canvas course. Once again, please register from the form listed above to obtain more information.

If you have registered, I will register you to a system called Canvas, and send you an email; however, it looks like the invitation from Canvas tends to get lost. Please see the instructions below (from the VT website). If you cannot find the email, please let me know. (looks like I am the sponsor based on their definition) 

If you’ve been added to Canvas as a guest, you need to make a guest account with Virginia Tech before you can log into Canvas. 

To make your guest account: 

  1. You should have received an email with subject line Virginia Tech Guest Account Invitation. If you did not receive the email: 
    • Check all email accounts your VT sponsor might have for you, and check spam folders.
    • Contact your sponsor and make sure they added you. 
    • If seven days passed since you got the email, the invitation expired. Contact your sponsor and have them renew your invitation.  
  2. Follow the instructions in the email to create your Virginia Tech Guest Account and set your password.
    • You must do so within seven days of receiving the invitation, or it will expire. 
  3. Wait approximately six hours to be added to Canvas.
  4. Log in to Canvas at
    • Your username is the entire email address in which you received the invitation.
    • Your password is the one you set when creating your account.
  5. If you forgot your password, reset it. See Guest Account Management Service and enter your guest ID (username, guest email address). 


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