Handouts from recent IPM workshops

Thanks again for those of you who were able to attend IPM workshops.  I hope you enjoyed the meetings, and if you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Here are copy of fungicide updates and interactive fungicide planning presentations.

2016 Fungicide updates
(Please note: I just learned that Luna Tranquility won’t be available for grape…  Too bad since it would be a good material for Botrytis management.  We still have Luna Experience, but there will be a label language change for grape.  I will post it once I learn more about it.)

Interactive fungicide planning.

Also, I think many of you have already participated, but there is a survey for evaluation of my Extension activities.  If you could spend 3-4 min of your time to answer it, I would greatly appreciate. (This is the same as the one Tremain sent out and I distributed at the VVA and other meetings.)

This is a questionnaire to help evaluate impact of the grape pathology extension program of Dr. Mizuho Nita at the AHS Jr. Agricultural Research and Extension Center. We would like to gauge the public value of this work and to help identify areas that to strengthen. We greatly appreciate your time and input here in determining if and how these research and educational programs have benefited your business. The survey is anonymous. 

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