Another thunderstrom…

We had a thunderstorm went through the town yesterday evening around 5:40 pm then there were several rain events throughout the night (~0.48 inches). The relative humidity is still above 90% as of 8:30 am (>15 hours) and average temperature during this wet event is about 65F. As you might guessed, it was an event for Phopmopsis, black rot, downy mildew, and Botrytis infection, and powdery mildew ascospore discharge. Also, we are having 8 consecutive nights with temperature in mid-60F and RH being high (90-100%, except on 6/8/09, but it was still in 80% range). This warm humid nights promotes downy mildew fungus to produce spores.

We are expecting more rains to come in next few days. We’ll see…

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