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Hi all,
I’m back from the meeting. It was a meeting for plant pathologists, and it was a very good meeting for me to meet new people (since I’m a new kid on the block and all), as well as my other colleagues. I visited Washington’s Yakima Valley grape growing area after the meeting to visit a collaborator on grape leaf roll disease project. There are very exciting area to study, and I will talk about it more in detail within a few days. The picture was taken from their field and showing mealybug infestation.

In anyway, I took a quick look at what happened (weather-wise) during my trip. It seems like there are very short rains on 7/31, 8/1, and 8/5, and these were not so significant in terms of major fungal disease infection. We had 4.5 hour of wetness on 8/2 which probably accounted for downy mildew infection (primary on leaves, at this point), and 9.5 hours of wetness on 8/6, which probably accounted for downy mildew and Botrytis (and maybe black rot, if your berries are very late and still susceptible). Your berries are probably at or after veraison at this point. I hope you did not forget your protection against Botrytis.

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