More forecasted rains during this week + mealybugs

We did not receive any considerable rain during the weekend.  At this point, I am not certain what to believe.  I think the atmosphere is unstable and conducive to create thunderstorms.  We are expecting 30-40% chance of thunderstorm from tomorrow to Sunday.

I have seen a small outbreak of mealybugs in our field (please click the picture to see a larger image).  It is a good news for me because I was looking for them, but as you may know, this insect can vector a virus that can cause grape leaf roll disease.  Thus, if you have seen these bugs, please contact me so that I can visit your place to collect samples.  It is very important for us to know which species are present in VA in order to understand the risk of leaf roll spread.  It is a part of on-going leaf roll project and we need more information on this important pest.  Mealybugs are about less than 1/8 of an inch in length and often covered by white hair-like tissues.  Often time, you will find mealybugs underneath the leaf or within the bark.  They seems to like shade and often associated with ants which like to feed on the honeydew that is secreted by mealybugs.

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