No significant rain so far!

There was a sprinkle in the morning, but so far, we haven’t experienced a significant rain event yet at Winchester.

Our Chardonnay and Cabernet sauvignon have been moving its growth stage. It was about 8-90% with 8-9 leaves unfolded with elongation of rachis (E-L 15) for Chardonnay, and about 3-50% E-L 15 for Cabernet sauvignon. Cab sauvignon has more variation among vines, which is consistent since bud break.
I start to see development of black rot lesions on untreated vines. It takes 2-3 weeks to develop fruiting bodies (black specks within tan colored lesion), thus, rain events during 5/5-5/7 or 5/11 are probably responsible for the infection.
I hope you do not see many of these symptoms in your vineyard. If so, you need to protect your berries very well so that it won’t affect your yield. Mancozeb, captan, and azoxystrobin (Abound) works well as a protective fungicide application, mycrobutanyl (Rally) works well as a curative fungicide, but I doubt that it will kill actively sporulating lesion. The efficacy will be against new infection. Also, if you happen to have mummified bunches hanging from the old shoots, please take them out. It will serve as a source of inoculum through out the season.

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