More rains in the forecast

Rain on this Monday did not last long, but since it started later in the day, the relative humidity was high (>90%) until next morning. Thus, we had >15 hours… Read more

Two wetness events recorded on Friday

We had two wetness event due to lines of rain passed by yesterday (7/17/09). The first one started around 11:30 am, and wetness lasted until 3:30 pm or so (4… Read more

Rains in the forecast, and a vineyard meeting at Pollak Vineyards

There is a vineyard meeting tomorrow at Pollak Vineyards from 11 am. I won’t be there, but here is my handout for tomorrow, which talks about risks of diseases at… Read more

Another dry weekend :)

We haven’t experienced major disease event for a while. On 7/9-7/10/09, we had two consecutive nights that were favorable for downy mildew sporulation, and on 7/11/09, there was a short… Read more

No, it’s not chocolate truffle…

On Sunday and Monday morning (7/6 and 7/7/09), we had relatively high relative humidity (>80%) at night which favor downy mildew sporulation. Thus, if downy is your concern, you may… Read more

It was a nice and dry weekend

I hope all of you had a nice 4th of July weekend. I’m glad that we did not see the forecasted thunderstorm events. Most of vines should be approaching the… Read more

Happy 4th!

The thunderstorm on 7/01/09 lasted a little over an hour (0.73 inches); however, RH remained high for about 9 hours with an average temperature of 65F. Thus the event was… Read more

Thunderstorm is coming…

The radar is showing thunderstorms for tonight (now I heard the thunder…); however, in the past few days, there is only one night when the condition was favorable for downy… Read more

So far so good.

We had a short thunderstorm event on Friday (26th), but it lasted about 3.5 hours with an average temperature of 73F and a total precipitation of 0.33 inches. It was… Read more

Thank you for your attendance.

Thank you very much for attending the vineyard meeting at Doukenie last night. If you could not make it, you can download my note from here. As I mentioned several… Read more
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