I’m back!

Finally, almost a week long meeting is done and I’m back in Winchester. Here’s a summary of what happened during last week. 6/15: night time temperature ~64F, RH 7-80% (DM)6/16:… Read more

Finally, a nice weekend!

Since the last posting, we had showers on early morning of 6/13/09, but it was not significant in terms of duration of potential wetness event. Night time temperature has been… Read more

Downy mildew gallery

At Winchester, we had light rain events during the night of 6/12/09, but it was short events and the relative humidity was low (80% or so), thus it probably did… Read more

Another thunderstrom…

We had a thunderstorm went through the town yesterday evening around 5:40 pm then there were several rain events throughout the night (~0.48 inches). The relative humidity is still above… Read more


At Winchester, we had a series of thunderstorms went through the area from 3:30 to 6:00 am or so (0.47 inches). The relative humidity was above 90% until around 7:30… Read more

It was nice and warm weekend, but…

At Winchester, we had four nights (6/4-6/7/09) with average temperature above 55F and average relative humidity in 90% or more. During last night, average temperature was about 69F, and average… Read more

Finally, a dry weekend!

Thank you for those of you who made to the meeting at White Hall. My handout can be downloaded from the previous post. The rain is gone for now, and… Read more

Rain, rain…

It rained from 11 am yesterday at Winchester, and the rest of the day was wet (0.18 inches). It accounted for at least 13 hours of wetness (+ continuing today)… Read more

Thank you for your attendance.

Thank you for those of you who made to the meeting. If you missed it, you can download my note from the previous post. We had a thunderstorm last night… Read more

Vineyard meeting at Linden tomorrow from 11 am

As Tony mentioned in his email, we will have a series of vineyard meetings this week. The first one is tomorrow at Linden vineyards, starting from 11 am. I’ll talk… Read more
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