Slides from today’s virtual meeting and RSS feed

 Thank you to those of you who were able to join us today. Here are some of the items we discussed.

  1. Slides from today’s presentation (will open a pdf file in a new window)
  2. RSS feed address for this blog (I posted under “Resources” too)
    1. You can also subscribe via email using the menu showing on the upper left part of this blog. Google will drop the email subscription service in July, but I will come up with another way to send you reminders. Thus, if you wish to be included after July, please go ahead with the subscription service.
  3. Link to my grape disease management workshop presentation videos.
    1. Please note that the closed captioning is most likely not working. I created CC with the Canvas site we used in the workshop. If you wish to watch them with CC, please send me an email so that I can send an invitation to Canvas site. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to work on YouTube version right now. I will focus more on YouTube version next year.
    2. I will keep it available for several weeks.

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