Thank you for your attendance.

Thank you for those of you who made to the meeting. If you missed it, you can download my note from the previous post.

We had a thunderstorm last night and it rained from 7:20 to 8:20 pm. The relative humidity was above 90% for 5 hours or so afterwards, and temperature was in mid-60F. Then temperature went down to upper-50F, and as a consequence, the RH went up. It was a windy condition, so, I’m not sure leaves were wet the whole time, but if it was, it was about 12 hours of total leaf wetness with temperature ranging from 68-55F. It was good for Phomopsis, black rot, downy mildew infection, and powdery mildew ascospore production. (note: If leaves dried out after 5 hours or so, then it was good for light infection for Phomopsis, downy mildew infection, and powdery mildew ascospore production.)

We are expecting more rain events today, but temperature seems to be low (mid-50F). Hopefully, it will be low enough so that downy mildew won’t be too happy.

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