2022 season recap report from the Sentinel Vineyard Project and meeting announcements

As you may know, the Sentinel Vineyard Project is our effort to regularly gather information from a group of growers during the season. The information is then sorted and summarized by us (Dr. Beth Chang, Mr. Tremain Hatch, Ms. Dana Acimovic, and I) and then delivered through our extension channels (field days, newsletters, and this blog!) as timely updates on viticulture, disease and pest management, and harvest information. The disease risk maps you have seen in this blog are also a part of this project.

This is the last report for this year to recap the 2022 season. We submitted our “phase 2” pre-proposal to the Wine Board, so, hopefully, we can continue this effort in the future. This report also contains upcoming extension meeting information for this winter/spring. I hope to see you in one of these workshops and meetings!

Happy Holidays!

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