2022 season recap report from the Sentinel Vineyard Project and meeting announcements

As you may know, the Sentinel Vineyard Project is our effort to regularly gather information from a group of growers during the season. The information is then sorted and summarized… Read more

The viticulture position at Virginia Tech is open

The job description for a tenure-track extension and research viticulturist (aka “Tony Wolf’s position” for those familiar with our program), at Virginia Tech, has been posted: https://careers.pageuppeople.com/968/cw/en-us/job/522192/viticulturist-assistant-prof This position is… Read more

Slides from the 2022 VVA summer meeting

It was very nice to see you at the VVA. Here are my slides from yesterday. As I mentioned yesterday, I am conducting a survey to seek your feedback and… Read more

Fungicide spray guide for non-bearing grapes

I posted it last year, but it looks like the links are a bit messed up, so, here you go. You can download the fungicide spray guide for non-bearing grapes… Read more

Slides from today’s meeting

Thank you for attending our monthly viticulture meeting! We will host a series of meeting every third Thursday from 1 PM. I will be a quick recap of the season… Read more

Upcoming grape disease management meetings

Hi all, please sign up using the link below if you are interested in any of our grape disease management meetings that will take place in the next several weeks.… Read more

My slides from yesterday’s VVA meeting

Thanks to those of you who were able to attend yesterday’s VVA meeting. Here comes my slides from the workshop. As I mentioned, we will have a series of workshops… Read more

Links to 2022 Pest Management Guides…

The new VCE publication page has been down for a while and I am not sure when they will be available. The VCE reactivated the old site, but I had… Read more

Slides from NC Winegrower’s Association meeting (29 January 2022)

Sorry for taking a while. Please find the link at the end of this post to download a copy of my presentation from the NC Winegrower’s Association meeting, which was… Read more

One last post for the 2021 season!

I thought the last post was the final one for this year, but there is another and a very good one! Please find the final report from the Sentinel Vineyard… Read more
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