In-season vineyard meeting on 23 April at Cardinal Point Winery

It looks like the winter is finally over.  I hope everybody is ready for the new season.

We will start off our season with a vineyard meeting at Cardinal Point Winery at Afton.  The meeting is from 11AM until 3PM or so (note: please bring your lunch).  One of the major focus of the day will be frost protection.  We will also cover seasonal updates as well.

Also, I have changed a few things on this blog.  Other than little more modern look to it, the major additions are project pages.  Our lab has several active projects going on right now, and we are finding more about our pathogens that will lead to the development of better management tools.  These page should explain more about our activities.  I will add more pages, but for a starter, I have added trunk disease project page.  As a part of our activities, I have also updated our recommendations for trunk disease management, so,  please take a look. 

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