Items from today’s meeting

Thank you for joining our meeting today. Here are some items from today’s meeting.

Next meeting: It will be on July 14th from 1 PM. Tremain will send an announcement soon. You can also use this link to get a Zoom link.

A copy of the pesticide application recording sheet (courtesy of Ms. Marlene Larios, VDACS/VEC)

Requirement for a respirator in a cab: VA does not have an exemption, thus, you need to wear PPE even in a cab.

Requirement for a respirator: We could not cover this today. We did not have many materials that require a respirator, but changes in labels are happening. Please check your mancozeb label. Some products require a respirator now.

WPS Respirator Resources:

AgriSafe PPE resources:

Virginia Employment Commission: They may be able to help with your labor issues. Please contact one of their offices if you need help with vineyard labor.

Virginia Tech Pesticide Program:

A copy of my presentation:

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