We have a vineyard meeting tomorrow at Glenn Manor

We are having nice sunny days! Some of shoots in our Chardonnay elongated to 10-inch or so (start to passing E-L 12 stage). And Cabernet sauvignon is catching up with Chardonnay. About 7-80% of shoots are 5~7-inches (E-L 12).

A day before (5/11/09), we had fairly dry (~50% RH) night. We had a shower (0.03 in) in the yesterday evening (5/12/09). It lasted only 40 min or so and the RH did not stay high, thus it probably was not enough for any disease event. The night time RH was high (nearly 100%), but temperature was in mid-40s. Thus, it was not good for downy mildew spore production either.

We will have a vineyard meeting at Glenn Manor vineyard and winery from 11 am tomorrow. I’ll talk about early season disease management tips as I did last time, and this time it includes information on downy mildew. If you cannot make it, you can download my notes from here.

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